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Ernesto Tejedor

Marie Skłodowska-Curie at MNCN-CSIC

I am a physical geographer. My research primarily focuses on understanding past climate variability, particularly preceding the pre-industrial era. I achieve this through the utilization of high-resolution proxies like tree-ring records and historical documents. My main objective is to investigate climate variability during the Common Era and its societal impacts across the Americas and the Mediterranean region by integrating high-resolution proxies and Climate Model Simulations.

Additionally, I have organized and led multiple field expeditions within Spain and participated in an ambitious expedition in Bolivia, specifically searching for old trees above 4,000 meters above sea level.

Furthermore, I consider myself fortunate to combine my two passions - science and filmmaking. This intersection, along with my dedication to outreach, has led me to produce a feature-length documentary on climate change and paleoclimatology titled "Chasing Traces of the Past" ( I have also directed a short documentary on dendroclimatology called "The Secret of the Trees," among other film projects.

Ernesto Tejedor is currently working on these projects: ITHACA and EXTREEM.

Personal website.

Ernesto Tejedor
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