Hidrología y Cambio Climático/

Hydrology and Climate Change


Large ice-age megafloods have significantly altered Patagonian landscapes, acting as triggers of climate change.

We provide the first detailed reconstruction of catastrophic glacial lake outburst flooding (>110,000 m3s-1) from the Southern Hemisphere, focusing on the Río Baker catchment in central Patagonia.

Morphological changes and sediment connectivity evaluation during flooding using high resolution photogrametry

- We evaluate morphological changes, sediment tranfers and functional sediment connectivity caused by flood events.

- Quantification of morphological change and sediment budgets was provided by Photogrammetric flights.

- A sediment connectivity index is proposed.



Holocene glacial lake outburst floods in the Baker River, Chilenean Patagonia

Colonia River, Aysén Region (Chile). The Colonia river recorded 16 floods extreme floods since April 2008 from breakdown of ice-dammed lake Cachet 2. Glaciar lake outburst floods are a direct impact of ice retreat due to Climate Change.

Río Colonia, en la región de Aysén (Chile). El Río Colonia ha registrado 16 inundaciones extremas desde Abril de 2008 procedentes de la rotura del lago represado por hielo Cachet 2. Estas inundaciones por rotura de lagos glaciares se deben al retroceso del hielo motivado por el Cambio Climático.