Main Reseach topics:


  1. Reconstruction of long-term records on palaeo-hydrological and sediment transport data in ungauged catchments.
  2.  Standardised methods on palaeohydrological data collection and incorporation in climate/global change models. Closer cooperation with climate modellers which may provide the basis for data standardisation in the construction of future climatic and global change scenarios.
  3. Floodwater contribution to water resources in desert and semiarid environments.
  4. Collaboration with social scientists in the analysis of social, economic and cultural implications of extreme hydrological events related to global change.
  5. Historical fluvial changes in relation to geoarchaeology.
  6. River restoration and river engineering.


Palaeoflood Hydrology

Analysis of sediments deposited by individual floods of the largest floods along periods of time of several thousand years. Study long-term flood variability in relation to Climate Change.

Paleoflood hydrology
250 Palaeoflood hydrology chapter Publis
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Natural and human induced hazards


Analysis of natural and anthropogenic hazards and application  in planning of large scale hydrological projects and engineering design structures, such as dams, check dams, tailings dams,..


Floods and dam safety
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Fluvial dynamics & sediment transport

Study geomorphic change and sediment volume mobilization by individual flood events. Hydrodynamic conditions associated to spatial-temporal development of river channel bedforms.



Structure from Motion and geomorphic change
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