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Juan A. Ballesteros

Research Scientist at MNCN-CSIC

My research aims at understanding hydrological-related hazards in the context of Global Change. I combine evidence-based and modelling approaches to improve Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategies. My research is focused on local and global studies, involving the analysis of one process (floods) and integrating multi-processes, associated risks and climate-environmental conditions. I merge different disciplines such as geomorphology, climatology and forestry, developing standard protocols to use botanical evidence to analyses hydrological-related hazards. In particular, I am reaching three complementary themes, namely (1) impact of hydrosphere in vegetation; (2) reconstruction of long-term hydrogeomorphic process; and, (3) understanding the linkages between extreme hydrogeomorphic events, climate and anthropogenic activities. I have been involved in several international competitive projects and conducted several scientific expeditions to remote mountain regions (i.e. Hindu Kush–Karakorum region, Central Asia, Caucasus or Andes, among others). My research is aligned with different Sustainable Development Goals, such SDGs 1, 6, 11, 13 and 15; and has been transferred to national and international stakeholders (i.e. Global Assessment Report -UN, 2019).

Juan A. Ballesteros is currently working on these projects: EXTREEM, INOVA-RISK, READAPT, PYRENEES4CLIMA.


Juan A. Ballesteros
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