On going projects

Colonia River valley next to the Baker River junction (Patagonia, Chile).


The PALEOMED project address the study of past and present behaviour of key indicators sensible to climate change, within the hydrological system (e,g, frequency of palaeofloods, sediment transport), and within the environmental system (e.g. phytoliths reflecting of soil degradation).


The DAM-ADAPT project aims to develop an interdisciplinary methodological approach to estimate the Climate Change effects on extreme flooding of interest on engineering design and maintenance of infrastructures (dams, bridges, nuclear power plants). Hydro-climatic indicators will be estimated using historical, instrumental and climate series projected using CMIP5 models.

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Patagonian megafloods

Since 2009, we have carried out palaeoflood hydrological studies to investigate the magnitude and timing of glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs). Our work consisted on the mapping of megaflood pathways, and the reconstruction of the magnitude/frequency records of GLOF events linked to Holocene neoglacials.