Advancing on Palaeoflood Research

Palaeoflood sediments in the Kuiseb River, Namib Desert. Sediments show the water stage during extreme floods from which the largest floods during the last millennium were reconstructed.

Our Laboratory

The Hydrology and Climate Change Laboratory is integrated on the Group of Geoenvironmental Processes and Global Change of the National Museum of Natural Sciences. The Laboratory undertakes research to reconstruct past and present extreme floods (magnitude and frequency) and their response to Climate Change, at local, regional and global levels.


We have a long experience on the application of palaeoflood hydrology and historical hydrology methods to understand the secular to millenia extreme flood occurrence in a variety of climate conditions (arid, semiarid, temperate and cold climates).


We apply a multidisciplinary approach based on the geomorphological, hydrological and hydraulic methods.